We’re excited to announce the release of our 2017 Third Quarter Market Commentary and Investment Update. Join Ray Lucia Jr. and the investment team as they share their thoughts on the markets, the economy, and what it means for your money. Use the chapter bookmarks below to watch featured sections of the webinar.

We would love to hear your feedback on this new format. Email us with your thoughts, comments, and questions.

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Lucia Capital Group Investment Commentary Welcome to the Lucia Capital Group Market Update and Investment Commentary (00:00 – 05:19)

Ray Lucia Jr. and Mark Scalzo

Economic Growth Cycle with Chris Mendoza Economic Growth Cycle (05:19 – 11:09)

Ray Lucia Jr. and Chris Mendoza

Market Volatility Market Volatility (11:09 – 20:20)

Ray Lucia Jr. and Ian Lucas

International Markets International Markets (20:20 – 27:55)

Ray Lucia Jr. and Zach Leeds

Investing in Alternatives Investing in Alternatives (27:55 – 33:30)

Ray Lucia Jr. and Aaron Rosen

Value Investing Value Investing (33:30 – 44:00)

Ray Lucia Jr. and Lance Helfert

Risk Risk (44:00 – 49:41)

Ray Lucia Jr. and Tom Wyckoff

Closing Remarks Closing Remarks (49:41 – 56:50)

Ray Lucia Jr. and Mark Scalzo