Brexit and What It Means to You

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Overnight we witnessed the “Brexit” (“British Exit”) become a reality, to the surprise of many. The betting odds prior to the vote suggested a 90% probability of “remain” – a great example of why we don’t like to follow the “consensus view” in managing your assets. So this result is an unexpected outcome that has created significant uncertainty politically, economically, and financially. We are seeing and are likely to see significant volatility in financial markets–in currencies, equities, and debt markets – over the coming days. There is also the potential for exit “contagion” to spread to other EU countries, calling into question the viability and sustainability of the European Union.

All in all, this will take some time to sort itself out and without question, some pundits will use words like “crisis” and “panic” to describe the situation to create fear and possibly take advantage of it.

At times like this, it’s worth noting a couple key points.

First, the value of having a strategy that contemplates down markets as well as up markets through time horizon segmentation. Our financial advisors work diligently preparing, monitoring, and managing your Bucket Strategy so that you can focus on enjoying your wealth, as opposed to worrying about it.

Furthermore, our portfolio management team’s job is to worry about these events for you, and I have tasked them with designing and managing portfolios utilized within your bucket strategy with down markets in mind, with the goal of reducing the impact of such negative circumstances.

Rest assured that our team of financial planners and portfolio managers together are watching your portfolios carefully. You know this already, but suffice it to say, we will not over react immediately to such temporary shocks, which almost always, with hindsight, proves to be a bad idea. Rather, we prefer to strategically work with you on an individualized approach to selecting investments and value averaging your buckets based on your own unique circumstances.

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