Dr. David Blanchett on Buckets, Markets, and this Wild, Wacky Year

It’s been quite a ride in 2020.  But regardless of where the markets are now, or have been, the financial goals for many people likely remain the same: enjoy retirement to the fullest, and don’t run out of money, before they run out of time.

Of course, there are no guarantees that every one of your goals will be achieved; life just doesn’t work that way.  The key is to set yourself up so that the potential for success is there — and to enlist the help of someone who works toward making it happen.

Dr. David Blanchett, CFP®,CFA® , and head of the retirement research division of Morningstar Investment Management, spoke recently with Lucia Capital Group advisor Chris Panagiotu, CFP® , CRPS®  , about market strategies for 2020, maintaining focus on your goals, and how a financial advisor may add potential value to your overall retirement savings.

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