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"We aim to give a purpose to every dollar in your portfolio."

- Raymond J. Lucia Jr.

We provide clear advice to help you create financial goals for yourself and the ones you care about most.

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About Lucia Capital Group

Lucia Capital Group, along with its family of financial services companies, offers a fully integrated wealth platform providing end-to-end investment strategies from wealth advice to asset management and insurance.

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Wealth Services

Lucia Wealth Services

Our philosophy places a focus on developing financial plans independent of specific investment options.

Asset Management

Lucia Capital Management

We provide portfolio management services to deliver investment opportunities to institutions and investors.

Insurance Services

Lucia Insurance Services

We offer policies and products from highly rated insurance providers across the spectrum of insurance services.

Rethink Your Strategy for Retirement

There is no one-size-fits-all retirement plan, we believe achieving your goals begins with personalized planning. The Bucket Strategy® is a retirement philosophy designed to help you build an income source for the money you need today and growth potential for the money you’ll need later in retirement. Talk to one of our financial advisors today, and start building a personalized plan tailored specifically to your goals and objectives.

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The Bucket Strategy