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Personalized Planning

It begins with a Strategy First® approach

Understanding your needs is our top priority. We offer comprehensive, integrated financial planning and wealth management services to our clients. The firm’s wealth managers have years of experience in the areas of financial planning, asset management, investment brokerage services, and insurance.

When designing your portfolio, your needs come first. While many firms immediately focus on investing, we take the time to get to know you and your goals. Our Strategy First® approach means that we put financial planning first, which is something we feel is very unique to our business.

We’ll design a strategy aimed at helping you work towards your goals that is custom tailored to your specific financial situation. Then we’ll find appropriate investments suited to your unique goals and objectives. The only factor driving our recommendations is what we believe fits your specific situation.

Personalized Financial Planning

Planning for tax efficiency

We work with our clients to find tax-efficient strategies and investments whenever possible. Whether you are in an accumulation phase and trying to minimize turnover in your after-tax accounts, a business owner trying to manage your tax bracket by coming up with savings strategies to reduce your taxable income, or designing tax-efficient withdrawal strategies for retirement, we are here for you. Managing for tax efficiency is a key component of our financial planning approach.

Planning for tax efficiency

A personalized approach to wealth management

Our wealth management program is a household fee-based program providing a high level of personalized investing. The platform allows you to invest in a combination of professionally managed investment strategies and products to help you pursue your goals.

Our financial advisors prepare a financial plan and give you the tools to help you organize all of your financial information in one place while providing ongoing advice and monitoring all of your accounts, including investments outside of our fee-based management programs.

A Personalized Approach to Wealth Management
The Accumulation Phase

Growing your wealth

Growing your nest egg requires asset allocation, individualized asset location, and tax management. You’ve got some time; use it wisely! Our goal is to position all of your assets, utilizing allocation and location, with an eye on tax management and growth.

Individuals and families have needs that must be met in the event of an untimely occurrence. We use insurance planning techniques that may help you minimize or eliminate the aftershocks.

Saving for Retirement

Your retirement is not too far away

You’ve accumulated your assets and look toward drawing a portion of them down once the paychecks stop coming in. Like a pilot guiding an aircraft, our goal is to help you to make vital yet necessary adjustments to achieve a smooth landing.

The Bucket Strategy®

Your income should not be decided by market conditions. The Bucket Strategy® aims to match your short-term financial needs to your short-term assets and your longer-term needs to your longer-term assets.

Healthcare and long-term care

Healthcare and long-term care needs are often ignored until it’s too late. We’ve got a variety of strategies and products designed to take over when the unexpected occurs.

Tax management

Taxes can be the largest drag on your portfolio’s returns; therefore, tax management is one of the biggest components of our retirement strategies.

Your retirement is not too far away

Leaving a legacy is not just for the ultra-wealthy

Your estate consists of everything you own. Your plan should map your assets for you now as well as for your heirs down the road.

Family concerns and trust services

Passing assets from one generation to the next can be costly and time-consuming—but it doesn’t have to be. We will coordinate with your estate planning attorney and devise a plan that aims to efficiently transfer your estate according to your wishes.

Philanthropic giving

If you’re charitably inclined, you may have some options available to you that could lower your tax bill both now and in the future: QCDs, CRTs, and other “alphabet soup” strategies are just some of the options you may consider on the advice of your advisor.

Leaving a Legacy

Your business is your craft, and you know it well

We’ll help you devise a plan that aims to keep your small business growing and thriving.

Small business owners have challenges and needs specific to both their goals and the goals of their business ventures. Growing a business requires careful thought toward taxes, labor laws, incorporation, and a host of other details. If you have employees, you may want to set up retirement plans for them (such as an employer-sponsored plan, a defined contribution plan, or a defined benefit plan), as well as one for yourself. Or maybe you’re ready to retire and it’s time to let someone else take over the reins.

Whatever your situation, Lucia Capital Group’s advisors have decades of combined experience with small business planning, and our goal is to help your business thrive—not merely survive.

Small Business Consulting