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Reporting and Progress

The Bucket Strategy® Wealth Analysis

The Bucket Strategy® Wealth Analysis is our comprehensive report that provides you with a look at where you stand currently and where a financial plan may lead you.

As you begin the planning process, it’s helpful to have a snapshot of where you are today. The Bucket Strategy® Wealth Analysis starts with your current assets then provides you with a hypothetical cash flow projection over the following 15 years within the framework of a Bucket Strategy plan.

In conjunction with the cash flow projection, the analysis also includes a proposed account allocation to the various bucket categories that shows you where specific dollar amounts are allocated among the Lifetime Income, Fixed Income, Balanced, Long-Term Growth, and Alternatives buckets, where appropriate.

Tracking Progress

The Bucket Strategy® Progress Report

You’ll recall from your school days how a midterm report would allow you to see how you were doing and which areas (if any) needed extra attention.

Our Bucket Strategy Progress Report provides periodic updates to you so that you’re able to see at a glance how your accounts are doing. We include summaries of your Bucket Strategy plan and household accounts, along with a comparison of account values across each allocation in the individual buckets. This report will analyze where you might be above, below, or right on the targets that were set up during your initial strategy session.

The purpose here is to find out where adjustments might need to be made and to keep you on track so that you never lose sight of your goals.

Bringing It Together

A consolidated position report

Your consolidated position report will provide you with a current household allocation summary and, for comparison, a summary of your allocation 12 months prior. In this report you’ll also see consolidated portfolio detail, where you’ll find the asset class, units, price, value, and portfolio composition information for each bucket.