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The Dowden Report – April 2024

Embracing Springtime

Hello and welcome to the Dowden Report. The times, they are a changin’…. literally. For most of us, we set our clocks 1 hour forward; except for my Arizona friends. I miss that; don’t ever change, Arizona.  

That means Spring is in the air. The weather is warming; the days are getting longer, and we are making our plans for the summer. I will keep you posted when we decide and finalize all of that.  

Murder Mystery Party: Save the Date!

April is when we begin making preparations for the annual Murder Mystery party. Don’t worry, it isn’t until October, but spring is when we want to gauge the interest for our attendees. If you’re watching this, live in the Las Vegas area, and would like to attend, reply, or call me. If we get enough interest, I will host one here in Las Vegas. This year’s theme is Murder at the Masquerade Ball. If you’ve never been to a Murder Mystery party, I promise, you won’t be disappointed.  

Financial Insights and Outlook

On the financial front: 2023 fourth quarter earnings are in the books. The February jobs report came in better than expected. Interest rates remain unchanged for now. The end of April kicks off first quarter earnings for 2024; what will that have in store for the markets?  

Congressional Developments and Market Implications

Congress, once again, narrowly averted another government showdown by kicking the can just a little bit further down the road. How long will this one last? I don’t know. What I do know is that congress is going to do whatever is most politically advantageous for them; just like how they are handling the border.  

Navigating Market Volatility with the Bucket Strategy

So what does all of that mean for the stock market and your portfolio? In times like this we are reminded why it’s our strategy that’s most important. Your Bucket strategy is designed to weather uncertain market conditions as you work toward your long-term financial goals.  If you’ve matched your assets to your liabilities as we preach with the Bucket Strategy, any short-term volatility in the stock market should cause you no concern. 

Stay Connected: Schedule a Review

Either way, never forget that I’m here when you need me. If it’s time for your review, or you just want to talk, don’t hesitate to give me a call.  With the Dowden Report, I’m Joshua Dowden.

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