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The Dowden Report – February 2024

A Slow Start to a Promising Year

Welcome to the February 2024 Edition of the Dowden Report. Now the 2023 is officially in the books. Personally, I am so looking forward to 2024 and everything that it will bring. January was a  bit of a slow month for me, slowing down for the holidays. Enjoying the nice Las Vegas winters and getting back to work.

Navigating Through 2024’s Economic Landscape

The Global and Domestic Outlook

This year is shaping up to be eventful, with several critical factors on the horizon that could influence the economic landscape:

  • Government Shutdown Threats: The looming possibility of a government shutdown remains a concern, highlighting the need for vigilant financial planning.
  • International Unrest: Ongoing conflicts in Ukraine and Israel continue to pose uncertainty on the global stage.
  • Budgetary Deficits: With a staggering $1.7 trillion budget deficit, fiscal policy will be under scrutiny.
  • Interest Rate Dynamics: Elevated interest rates are a reality we’re navigating, impacting borrowing and investment decisions.
  • Election Year Considerations: As November approaches, the political climate will undoubtedly shape economic sentiment.

Economic Predictions and Reality

The anticipated recession of 2023 did not come to fruition, casting a blend of caution and optimism for 2024. Economic indicators present a mixed bag—while some signal the need for caution, others point towards opportunities for growth. The truth is, the future is uncertain, and adaptability is key.

Your Financial Strategy: Prepared for Any Market Cycle

In these times of uncertainty, the foundation of your financial strategy is paramount. Our approach—the Bucket Strategy—is designed to navigate through any market cycle, ensuring resilience and stability for your portfolio. Whether the economic tides bring challenges or opportunities, our strategic planning is tailored to safeguard and grow your investments.

Let’s Connect

If you’re concerned about how these factors might impact your financial future, or if you’re seeking advice on navigating the year ahead, I encourage you to reach out. At Lucia Capital Group, we’re more than just your advisors—we’re your partners in building a prosperous future.

I’m Joshua Dowden, and this has been the Dowden Report. Until next time.

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