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The Dowden Report – March 2024

Embracing the Ides of March and Spring in Las Vegas

Hello and welcome to the Dowden Report. The Ides of March are upon us. The weather is warming, and that means Springtime is here. It is hard to imagine better weather than Las Vegas in the Spring; this is why we live here.

As we record this, however, I am California dreaming. March is a busy month for the Dowden’s. My daughter, Madison, celebrates her 23rd birthday on the 11th and my son, Chase, celebrates his 25th. That by itself would, on most occasions, make for a pretty full month. But that’s just the beginning and the end.

Dowden Family Celebrations and Travels

In between, I have a visit to see my aunt and uncle in San Diego. After that is the annual Lucia Ignite conference for 3 days. I am expecting 3 jam-packed days of great information and soaking up the Lucia culture. While I’m there, I plan to take advantage of the Lucia studios to record a few more commercials. You can see my commercials on the “The Gift of Giving” show, which is the weekly program I sponsor. Please keep an eye out when I repost the episodes. When Ignite wraps up, Genie and I will head up to Modesto for 10 days. And, of course, we will close the month of March on Easter Sunday. As full as that sounds, I will always be available by phone, so if you need to talk, please don’t hesitate to call me.

Financial Insights: Navigating the 4th Quarter Earnings

On the financial front: we are concluding 4th quarter earnings reports. Profits are coming in better than expected. The strong figures, however, come after expectations were reduced going into reporting season, and the positive momentum looking forward has slowed. Inflation had been showing signs of cooling, and that is something we will continue to watch. The Federal Reserve has maintained their “higher for longer” mantra. This, of course, conflicts with the bond market expectations of interest rate cuts in the near-term. We will, of course, monitor these changes and make the adjustments when appropriate.

Closing Thoughts: Celebrate the Ides of March and a Happy Easter

Thank you for watching; for the Dowden Report, I am Joshua Dowden. Enjoy the Ides of March, and Happy Easter to all! Until next time!

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