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If you’ve ever hired a professional to do a job for you — remodel your home, repair your car, or provide legal advice —  there are normally two factors that you need to consider: the cost of the service, and how much value you’ll receive in return.  Figuring out the “cost” part is usually fairly easy – it’s simply the final price you’ll pay.  But what about “value?”  This can be much more difficult to determine.

When you’re considering hiring a financial advisor, this value factor is equally important.  An advisor should provide you with different services, strategies, and investment options, all of which have the objective of helping you to reach whatever your savings and retirement goals might be.  But how do you measure the value that an advisor may potentially provide?  Is investment performance important to you, or does the word “value” mean something entirely different?  The answers to these questions can be difficult to come by.  At Lucia Capital Group, one of our goals is to make sure you have the answers you need in order to make informed decisions about how your money is managed.

If you’re thinking about getting assistance and using the services of a financial advisor, it’s important to be aware of what that advisor can – and perhaps should – offer you.  To help you in this capacity, we’ve put together this free guide that aims to identify for you the objective value (or “Alpha”) that working with an advisor may potentially provide for you.  What should you expect from a financial advisor once you’ve hired one?  How can he or she provide measurable value to you?  Find out: download our free guide today!

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