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3 Ways to Take Care of Your Finances During the Pandemic

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If there’s one thing that many people have more of right now than they ever had before, it’s downtime. Yes, you may be working from home, and your kids may be taking up more of your time, but this pandemic has forced people to work differently, freeing them up from things like daily commutes, phone calls, texts, and emails.

So how do you make good use of your newly-found free time? Based on what we’re hearing from many of our clients, they’re taking a closer look at their current financial situation and getting organized. This is a wonderful opportunity to check what life insurance policies you may have, update your estate plan, and make sure that your family members know where your assets are so that they can easily locate them should the need arise.

In this week’s edition of Lucia Capital Group Weekly, chairman and CEO Ray Lucia Jr. talks with our long-time financial advisor Janean Stripe, CFP about three ways to use the time you have to take care of your finances. By planning for the “what if” scenarios, like the one we’re in now, you may find that both your time and your money can be put to very good use!

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