A Bear Market: Why We Don’t Panic, and Neither Should You

The equity markets have been on a wild ride these past couple of weeks, to say the least. One would think it’s almost become a “new normal” to see swings of at least 5% to either the up or the down side on a daily basis. While that’s not quite true, it is indeed true that we’re living in volatile times, with no way to even remotely ascertain what’s to come next.

We can, though, look to the past, and get some perspective. While past results are no indication of future returns, they can be a helpful reminder that nothing — not bull markets, not bear markets — lasts forever. And when you combine that knowledge with a concrete strategy that aims to keep you on track to reach your goals, the future, and the present, may not seem so dark.

On this week’s edition of Lucia Capital Group Weekly, Chairman and CEO Ray Lucia Jr. speaks with our advisor in the Scottsdale/Phoenix area, Chris Lloyd, CFP®, about how this sudden downturn may have affected your portfolio, and why we advocate a defensive-minded strategy.

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