Do You Need Guaranteed Income in Retirement?

Don’t you just love a good guarantee? Especially when we’re talking about steady monthly income at retirement. Many pensions come with certain guarantees, and of course Social Security acts a lot like an inflation-adjusted pension. But beyond that, at retirement your portfolio has to take care of any income shortfall that you might have. This is where additional guaranteed lifetime income may provide you with the added retirement security you need.

Guarantees, of course, come at a cost. And you don’t want to pay for something that you just don’t need. So the first thing you should ask yourself is if guaranteed lifetime income makes sense for you.

Here are five things you should consider:

First, what’s your health status, and how long do you expect to live? Include your spouse too if you’re married. If you’re in good or excellent health and your family history suggests you’ll live a long time, then lifetime income might make sense for you. If things don’t look so good for you health-wise, then maybe you don’t need it.

Next, think about what guaranteed income you already have. We’re mainly talking about Social Security and pensions, but you might have others. If your guarantees cover something less than about 35–40% of your essential monthly expenses, you should at least consider an income annuity to cover them.

Part of that consideration should include the status of your existing wealth. If your portfolio is large enough that you don’t need to take out more than 1–2% of it to meet your essential recurring needs, you might not benefit much from any further guaranteed income. On the other hand, if you’re taking out 6–7% or more, those guarantees become a lot more valuable to you.

You should also ask yourself what your tolerance for risk is. A fainthearted investor may feel a lot less stressed about their finances if they’ve got guaranteed monthly income to pay for essentials. But of course, guarantees come with limits on the upside, so if you’re a “go-for-it-all” type who isn’t bothered by risk, then guaranteed income isn’t likely attractive to you.

Other factors to consider have to do with how good of an investor you think you are, what sort of returns you expect to see from stocks in the future, where you think interest rates will be headed going forward, how big a legacy you’d like to leave to your heirs, inflation, etc. It’s NOT a decision you should take lightly.

The best thing you can do is to go over your unique situation with an advisor and make a determination from there. Not everyone needs lifetime income, but for some it’s vital. Give us a call, talk to one of our advisors, and find out where YOU stand.

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