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Could Value Averaging Be the Key to Surviving Market Downturns?- Episode 170

It’s just a fact of investing life that the stock market is unpredictable.  There will be months or years where the market exceeds expectations, and there will be other times when it underperforms and winds up below where you expected it to be – sometimes, way below.

If you don’t have a strong risk management approach to investing, as years like 2022 showed us, you might be leaving yourself open to some dangerous and damaging volatility. But how do you prepare for it if it’s impossible to predict exactly when the next upswing or downturn will occur?

One way, potentially, is through a strategy known as Value Averaging. Could this be the key to surviving market downturns?  Learn more from podcast host Johnny Dean and Rick “The Professor” Plum, CFP® on today’s episode of Managing Your Financial Future! 

Important Information:

You should always seek counsel of the appropriate advisor prior to making any investment decision. All investments are subject to risk including the loss of principal.

A value averaging strategy does not guarantee a profit or protection from loss. Since such an investment plan involves continual investment in securities, you must consider your willingness to continue purchasing during periods of high or low-price levels.

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