Making Your Social Security Decisions Easier – Season 1: Episode 12

Many people who aren’t old enough to receive their benefits yet don’t give much thought to Social Security.  They figure it will be there for them in some form or another when they retire, but as to when they should begin taking it, well, that’s not something they keep on their mental front-burner.  It’s often not until they approach or reach retirement that they give it any serious consideration.

But when you should take your benefits, and which benefits you should take, is an important decision.The trouble is that you’re presented with a confusing array of choices, and there’s no shortage of conflicting advice that tells you to always do this, or never do that.  No wonder people don’t like to think about it.

On this week’s episode of Managing Your Financial Future, we try to take some of that worry and confusion out of the picture.  Even if you’re not yet taking your benefits, it’s a good idea to know the basics so that you’re prepared when your decision time finally arrives.

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