Let’s Manage Your Taxes — While There’s Time- Season 3: Episode 1

We’ll say it right up front: taxes are NOT fun.  Nobody likes to think about them, much less actually do them every year.  For most, it’s a matter of either turning them over to a professional and letting them deal with it, or trudging through it alone and hope you don’t miss anything important.

But while they’re not fun to think about, they’re also a necessary evil. This is why it’s really important to give your tax situation some thought during the actual tax year, when you may be able to do something about them, rather than waiting until it’s too late.

The middle of the year may be the perfect time to do some tax evaluation, because doing so could potentially save you some real money when it comes time to file next year.  Hosts Johnny Dean and “Professor” Rick Plum, CFP® talk about ways you can manage your taxes right now, and discuss a certain internet claim about Social Security that needs some de-bunking — all on this week’s edition of Managing Your Financial Future!

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