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Can you take as much from your portfolio in retirement as you think? Interview with Dr. Michael Finke – Season 1: Episode 2

It was commonly thought at one time that you could confidently take 4% of your portfolio each year in retirement and you’d be okay. Is that still true today? And what about fixed income? Are you putting yourself at risk with bonds?

Chris Panagiotu, CFP®, CRPS®, is joined on today’s podcast by Dr. Michael Finke, Ph.D., CFP®,  professor of wealth management and director of the Grantham Center for financial Security.  Chris and Dr. Finke have a lot to discuss, including today’s historically low bond yields, and why Dr. Finke believes that lower rates of return across the globe are likely to be the norm in the 21st Century. If that’s true, then where will we find a decent yield?  Find out on Part One of this edition of CAPitalize, a podcast for the intelligent investor!”

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