Does a Bear Market Change Your Investing Style?- Season 2: Episode 4

It’s a fairly well-known and well-accepted fact within the investment world that market timing – attempting to get in or out of equities on the highs or lows – doesn’t work.  Most investing novices (and even veterans) who trade on daily trends will lose money, and some will lose all of their money.  The stock market is simply too unpredictable.

But that doesn’t mean that when market conditions change you can’t or shouldn’t make some adjustments.  You can still stick with your long-term goals while making certain short-term changes when big events take place (like the end of a bull market).  In fact, that may be advisable in certain circumstances.

What kind of an adjustment should you make, if it’s indeed warranted by your individual situation?  On this week’s episode of Managing Your Financial Future, our “Professor” Rick Plum and host Johnny Dean explore the notion of how a bear market may change your investing style, and why having a strategy is crucial for someone who may have just retired in early 2020.

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